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Dovetail Yarn Bracelets

  This bracelet was made using five strands, but don’t be intimidated by it. This is the dovetail braid, much simpler than the five-strand braid and similar in appearance to the fishtail. This bracelet wraps around 3 times and has a cute button clasp. Today we’ll show you how to…

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How to Make a Pocket Gnome

We’ve got a cute little tutorial to show you. We’ve always thought that the tiny fairy gardens that people make are so adorable. So, we got out our polymer clay, thinking of making some cute little mushrooms to go in our backyard. We didn’t make very many mushrooms, however. We…

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Perler Bead Kandi Bracelets

Happy New Years everybody! Today we’re showing you how to make bracelets from beads that can be any length, width, or color. These bracelets are often called Kandi bracelets, and are made with pictures or designs. Many people have so many they go up to their elbow (search on google…

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DIY Dog Toys

Our dog is extremely active, and one of his favorite games is Tug-of-War. So, we’ve been making him sturdy toys out of fleece! They are easy to make and very durable (if a 80 pound dog can play with it, we’re sure your dog can too). Here is our list…

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Cozy Sweatshirt Throw

Happy Veteran’s Day! We’ve been very busy these past few weeks, as we’ve had an inspiration-explosion. Today we’ll show you how to make a beautiful star blanket. Here is what you will need: sweatshirt fleece (2 yards) fabric paint in the color of your choice (we used Tulip paint, Soft…

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Beautiful Banners

We decided to  make a banner for a special occasion this weekend. They’re simple to make, but look fantastic when put up. Here is the list of materials: paper (we used craft paper that you can get at Home Depot, in the paint aisle) paint (any kind will do) glitter…

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